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Frank Cottrell Boyce Facts

Frank Cottrell-Boyce is an English screenwriter, novelist and occasional actor, known for his children's fiction and for his collaborations with film director Michael Winterbottom. He has achieved fame as the writer for the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony and for sequels to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car, a children's classic by Ian Fleming. Cottrell-Boyce has won two major British awards for children's books, the 2004 Carnegie Medal for Millions, which originated as a film script, and the 2012 Guardian Prize for The Unforgotten Coat, which was commissioned by a charity. (1959)

Quotes by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Every monster has its soft zone.
Frank Cottrell Boyce

I'm talking about how to stay in one piece. Try to get hold of the things that are important, the good and true things about your life. Up there is some kind of lovely. And maybe you need to have something in your heart, you know, something even more lovely. To help you find your way home.
Frank Cottrell Boyce

One lesson that World of Warcraft teaches you is that if you want to succeed on the next level, you need to acquire new skills.
Frank Cottrell Boyce

That’s Dad’s solution to any technological problem. Microwave, satnav, computer, dishwasher-turn it off and back on again and it’ll be okay. To be fair, it usually works.
Frank Cottrell Boyce

We haven’t failed. We just haven’t succeeded yet.
Frank Cottrell Boyce

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