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The has been created for my son Daniel. It includes challenging and creative puzzles, games, and logical tests he loves and our family and friends enjoy. It includes educational tests to show that learning could be fun. In addition I am planning to add a list of books Daniel loves and all our family has fun reading together. We believe that you come to our site because you love doing puzzles and brain teasers, and we hope you enjoy wrestling with our tests and logic problems.

If you like our web site there is something you can do to help us.

♦ Please tell you friends about us.
♦ If you notice an error in one of our puzzles or games, don't be shy to tell us.
♦ We thrive on User feedback and take nearly everything into consideration. Send us you comments, recommendations and suggestions.
Submit your favorite logical questions and puzzles and become our contributor.
♦ Solve unsolved problems from our “Unsolved problems” list and send us your solution to become a member of our “Hall of Fame”.
♦ If you own a blog or a web site, link to us.
♦ And most important, visit our web site with your friends and family and enjoy our collection of games and puzzles.

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