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Trouble Quotes

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Concentrate on your job and you will forget your other troubles.
William Feather

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.
Samuel Butler

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.
Leonardo da Vinci

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain

It is easier to stay out than get out.
Mark Twain

It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so.
Will Rogers

Men get into trouble by taking their visions and hallucinations too seriously.
H. L. Mencken

Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.

The darkest day, if you live till tomorrow, will have passed away.
William Cowper

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.
Norman Vincent Peale

We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.
Simone Weil

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