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Creative Puzzles & Games by presents free online creative games, puzzles, logical and educational tests, brain teasers and more. Creativity is perhaps one of the most useful and practical qualities for a person to have. Creative thinking and problem solving skills are enhanced by the challenging puzzles, and games. They help you increase your brain power by getting you out of thinking 'ruts' and expand your thinking 'outside the box' skills.


Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. It does not require any maths, but rather application of a few simple rules and logical deduction. The puzzle was introduced as Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru. The sudoku is great fun for all ages, while the smaller sudoku puzzles on a 4 x 4 mini-grid are ideal for the age range 4 - 7.

Creative Thinking Puzzles

A puzzle is a problem or a toy that is said to have a correct solution and tests your ingenuity. Solutions to puzzles may require recognizing patterns and creating a particular order to put together pieces in a logical. Puzzles can also stem from serious mathematical or logical problems.

Strategy Games

Games Games
Typical logic games include educational and strategy games. Games focusing on logic and math often help with following important goals: critical reasoning, understanding cause and effect, being able to think ahead, collecting and analyzing data efficiently, rational decision making, developing a step-by-step method to solving problems and following through with it to a solution.

Educational & Logical Tests

Educational & Logical TestsTests
Our educational tests include math, algebra, geometry and vocabulary builder for different grades and levels. Online tests enable you to get instant results, track your progress and take as many tests as necessary to successfully prepare.
Educational & Logical Tests

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